Environmental Sustainability

Last updated: 6th December 2016


This policy applies to all Croftsware employees and covers activities in our Witney office.

Policy Statement

We want Sheep to leave the world in a better state. Our primary focus is to improve data management but we are also very aware of the impact that all our action have.

Environmental Aims

Croftsware complies with all applicable UK and EU Environmental laws and legislation; in relation to specific environmental aims:

  • Energy and Carbon: We use only the resources we require and through cloud hosting we are able to share computing resources.
  • Water: We do drink a lot of tea but as a company have little primary water consumption.
  • Construction and refurbishment: We have no significant plans for construction or refurbishment.
  • Travel: Croftsware seeks to avoid unnecessary travel and use remote technology wherever possible.
  • Engagement and education: Croftsware will continue to create awareness and engage staff in new initiatives to help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Waste management: Croftsware follows the waste hierarchy to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover where practically possible. We have managed without an office printer for 5 years and avoid printing documents wherever possible.
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