Unlimited users and data

Cloud-based software often uses tiered pricing. The idea is that the price you pay is related to the size of your business and the value provided.

When it comes to CRM or data management software like Sheep many providers charge based on the number of users or records. We think this is dangerous.


Because it incentivises behaviours that compromise the security and success of your organisation.

Compromised security

Information security isn’t just about guarding against external attacks such as the TalkTalk and Ashley Madison incidents.

Maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your information requires you to:

  • give access only to people who need it,
  • provide the minimum level of access necessary, and
  • revoke access when it’s no longer required.

These are easily met by creating a separate account for each user of the system.

When services charge per user however, there’s a temptation to share accounts between multiple people to keep costs down.

Sharing accounts has important security implications:

  • Secret information (passwords) gets shared meaning it’s no longer a secret.
  • Some users may get access to data they don’t need to see because other users of the same account do.
  • Audit trails of changes are compromised since it’s not possible to know who was using the account at a given time.
  • Accounts are likely to remain active for users who no longer need access, for example when they leave the organisation.

Stifling success

Limiting resources such as user accounts, features and data storage by price can also limit your success.

For example, you may wish to give everyone in your organisation some access to information so there’s shared understanding of the business. This helps everyone work together as a team and provide great service to your customers / service users / members / supporters.

But if adding an extra user or two pushes you into the next price tier, the cost may be prohibitive and hold you back.

This is particularly true for charities who often rely on a large number of part-time staff and volunteers. If you had to pay for each additional account these costs soon mount up. This inherently leads to either inefficiencies as a privileged few need to act as gatekeepers to the information that’s so vital to your success.

Access restrictions like these lead to workarounds and compromises. These get in the way people wanting to do a great job and hamper your success.

Loved, not limited

At Sheep we do things a little differently. We choose to love our customers, not limit them.

That’s why our database product is unlimited:

  • Unlimited user accounts – so everyone can securely access any information they need with a full and accurate audit trail.
  • Unlimited data records – to maximise the value of your information.
  • Unlimited features – there’s no extra charge, even if you only use something very occasionally or want to try it out.
  • Unlimited support – to ensure you get the greatest value from Sheep.

We still use a tiered pricing system – but it’s based on the turnover of your organisation. This lets us offer a straightforward and competitive price to customers of all sizes. And it ensures our efforts are focussed on your continued growth and success!

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