Membership management software

If you’re looking for cloud-based membership management software, chances are you’re finding the choice quite limited.

The few association management systems available are typically aimed at the North American market. This presents functional and data protection issues for UK (and EU) membership bodies.

The reason for the limited choice is simple: every membership-based organisation is different. Challenges include:

  • multiple membership plans, including upgrades / downgrades
  • members holding more than one active membership
  • new memberships, renewals and expiration
  • members being people, households and/or organisations
  • payments, part-payments and refunds
  • accurate and useful reporting.

No standard SaaS system can handle these without being very complex (and expensive). Once you’ve outgrown a spreadsheet your options are very limited, perhaps more so than in any other software market.

Sheep is different. We don’t force you to fit within a predefined set of membership management rules; we customise the database system to meet your requirements. (You don’t get this with self-service apps). We’re based near Oxford and securely host all data with Amazon Web Services in the EU.

And of course, having Sheep at the heart of your digital platform means your membership data can be easily used by other functions, such as email marketing and event management.

The best bit: all this is included as part of our simple, all-inclusive service fee. There are no up-front costs and pricing starts from just £200/month + VAT.

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