Family Matters

Families have existed in Sheep since the very first version but we’ve recently given them an upgrade. Find out why you should be using families and what’s changed.

Families / Households

Capturing family relationships in Sheep aims to address two major problems:

1. Duplicate mailings

It is annoying for the recipient to get two or more copies of your print mailing and it’s really expensive for you. Removing duplicate print mailings saves you money but also makes you look more professional.

2. Multiple updates

When a family moves house how many records do you have to update? How many forms do you make your volunteer, donor or customer fill in? Families share information in Sheep so you only need to update once.

Families in Sheep

At some point, most organisations come up against the problem of recording multiple individuals with a shared address or contact information. In Sheep, these are managed by creating Families.

  1. Add the individual contacts
  2. Expand the family card and click Create Family
  3. Search for the other family members (add as either Adult or Child)

View from the primary family member

Family Card

View from the family member sharing an address

Family Shared Card

How it works

Sheep creates a new hidden record for each family, that record ties the family together. One person in the family must be the primary contact the contact details of that person will be shared with other family members.

Note: In the real world you can be in the same family but not live together. If a family member has their own address this will be used in preference to the inherited the family address. If the family members are living together their personal addresses should be deleted to allow the sharing to work.

Exporting for a mailing

From the Contact directory build the segment that you want to mail to. To remove the extra family members apply an additional filter: remove anyone with tags that match: 🐑 additional family member. Sheep provides extra fields for formal and informal salutations. Use the formal salutation Mr and Mrs Smith for the address label and the informal salutation for the letter Daniel and Lisa.

Image Credit: Kirsty TG

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