Get a grip on giving

list of donations

Giving list for a single contact

Understand what you have been given, who gave it and how you can use it.

  • Captures regular giving pledges and one-off donations.
  • Track UK gift aid
  • Keep track of who you haven’t yet thanked
  • Export to HMRC - Gift Aid
  • Direct Debit mandates

Auto tagging for easy reporting:

  • Donors
  • New donors
  • Regular Donors
  • High Value Donors

Make your data work for you

Sheep takes the effort out of reporting by pre-computing all your key stats.

  • Total donations per person
  • Donation over time
  • Unique donors
  • Donation by payment method
  • Regular vs 1-off giving
  • Predicted giving & missed giving (coming soon)
Dive deeper into your fundraising data by cross referencing with contact information: get numbers for giving by location, age or any other attribute you are collecting data on.

donation chart by qtr

Donations by quarter

Straight forward data entry

new pledge form

New pledge form

Clear, concise data entry forms.

  • Record donations from people and organisations
  • Restricted giving - track and report on restricted giving
  • Giving appeals - which appeals are delivering results?
  • Keep track of who you have thanked

πŸ‘ Terminology

Pledges are promises to give.
Donations individual gifts.
Payments the financial record of the donation.

e.g. Sally pledges to give £20 every month for 2 years. Sheep will create one pledge and automatically create 24 donation records. As the payments come into the bank Sheep will reconcile them against the donation. In a perfect world there will be 24 payments all on time... Late payments? Insufficient funds? Cancellations? Sheep is there to help when it gets complicated.

πŸš€ Automation πŸŽ‰

Add the automation pack to super-charge donations.

  • Upload your CAF files or link to Dropbox and we'll grab them.
  • Sheep integrates directly with GoCardless to process your direct debits.
  • Connect via Zapier to process Paypal & Stripe payments
  • Sheep will attempt to automatically reconcile payments with donations and flag any problems.
  • Get alerts for missing payments, where a donation has been cancelled at the bank without telling you
Read more about automation and integration on our partner page.